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I have a PhD in Media & Cultural Studies which focuses on implementations of policy in practice in community radio environments. After working as an academic with undergraduate and postgraduate students for over a decade, I have witnessed the power of media and digital literacy skills in building confidence and aspiration as people learn to represent themselves in their own terms. I have worked with and researched a diverse range of communities and presented my work at a number of national and international conferences. I continue to design, deliver and advise on media courses at several universities across the UK. If you think I can help you, please get in touch.

Why work with me?

My approach to project management and delivery is collaborative and based on sharing knowledge and skills. I like to build relationships and trust with the people I work with so we can achieve your objective together. I will never assume your level of knowledge, so I’m happy to answer any question so we understand each other. I’ve learnt to be creative when solving problems, so whatever bump in the road we might hit we can find a solution and finish the project.

Personalised Services

Oral History

  • Oral History Project Consultation
  • Oral History Interview Training
  • Recording Oral Histories In-Person & Remotely
  • Summary Training for Archive
  • Oral History Re-Versioning & Exhibition


  • Podcast Format Creation
  • Podcast Production
  • Podcast Distribution
  • Podcast Training


  • Qualitative Research
  • Gathering Evidence for Project Impact
  • Report Writing

Who I’ve Worked With

Siobhan worked with my team to enhance our podcasting skills and to gain a better understanding of how we could broadcast programs for our organisation. She is incredibly professional and clearly and expert in her field, but what makes her stand out and is her unique selling point, is her ability to be inclusive, self aware and adaptable in any given situation. There is an authenticity to her approach to work that comes across in her training, and this can only come from her passion for storytelling which lies at the heart of her portfolio spanning many genres from documentary to magazine style shows. She is fun and engaging in her delivery, but also self aware during training when there are times when more detail is needed to support learning and understanding.

Dave Remes, Digital Content Manager – Midland Heart

I commissioned Siobhan to provide training to volunteers in oral history interviewing techniques. Sitting in on the training I have first hand experience of the professionalism and expertise that Siobhan has in this area. However, more revealing to me was the way Siobhan interacted with the volunteers to make them feel at ease throughout the training and the empathy she displayed. I know that Siobhan has kept in touch with some of them and has offered to support them during the remainder of the project. Her work is always delivered on time and on budget and to an exceptional standard, often exceeding expectations or agreed outputs and outcomes. The only thing to be aware of is how much you will miss her when the project ends!

Jez Collins – Founder, Birmingham Music Archive

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