Recent Projects

The Downs Syndrome Association 50th birthday: Stories of those over 50 – Susan Hanley

Susan Hanley is Senior Chair of Leep1, a self-advocacy organisation for people with learning disabilities in Leeds. She is 54, lives with her sister and family, and enjoys dogs, needlework, musicals and Midsomer Murders. She has dreams of becoming an MP and loves standing up for the rights of people with learning disabilities.

Set Ball – The Powerchair Podcast: Episode 2

Presented by Chair of the Wheelchair Football Association (WFA) Dave Lewis and football novice Siobhán Stevenson, this podcast is for anyone interested to learn more about powerchair football.

Life Stories – Sean on Camp America

Sean describes working for Camp America as a teenager and travelling the country when the job finished.

Life Stories – Bridget and Ann

Bridget talks about growing up with her sister Ann, who had cerebral palsy.

Life Stories – Bridget on Her Love Affair with

Bridget, now in her late 60s, describes the gigs she went to in Birmingham and why she fell in love with music.

Life Stories – Sean on School

Sean talks about going to school in Ireland.

Food Histories – Trinidad and Tobago: Learning to Cook

Rachel-Ann tells us about learning to cook as a child in Trinidad and Tobago.

Food Histories – Trinidad and Tobago: Chow

Rachel-Ann tells us about making chow as a child in Trinidad and Tobago.

Food Histories – Trinidad and Tobago: Liming

Rachel-Ann explains what liming is and what an integral part of family life it is in Trinidad and Tobago.

Stories from the JQ – Anna on Selling her Work

Anna talks about the essence of her work and moving from graduating as a Silversmith to selling her work.

Stories from the JQ – Ray on Handchasing

Ray (the last hand chaser in the Jewellery Quarter) talks about his favourite work and the challenges of chasing by hand.

Stories from the JQ – Elaine on women working from home

Elaine describes how her Aunts, along with hundreds of other women working for the jewellery trade, worked from home.

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